A Work of Art

The day after the wedding. I was such a mess from all the alcohol I drank the previous night, i could barely even walk. I couldn’t eat much breakfast because I felt like throwing up. Good thing we didn’t have to rush. There were so many trains from Bratislava to Vienna that we didn’t need to purchase train tickets in advance. True enough, when we got to the train station, we were able to purchase tickets for the next train that would be departing. Predictably, I slept through the whole train ride, which was just a little over an hour. I wasn’t well enough to appreciate the renowned Viennese architecture though. I didn’t even want to eat lunch, I wasn’t hungry at all. All i wanted to do was sleep.

IMG_4911One good thing about Austrian food? They are very good for hangovers. Lol. There’s meat, meat, and more meat! I felt hungry when i woke up that evening, even though I was still dizzy. Putting food in my stomach seemed to do the trick. I still felt like throwing up, but it seems that i could already hold everything down. I felt like my usual self at the end of the day.

Lovers of canned sausages in North America take note: authentic Vienna sausages look like this.

We decided to explore the city on our second day. Vienna is such a beautiful city. Fans of architecture would have a blast just walking around. Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance style buildings are everywhere, and they are all well preserved. There’s a work of art in every corner. You could spend the entire day just walking around the Hofburg complex. Various Museums and Chapels can be found here, as well as the Hofburg Treasury.

The Saint Stephen’s Cathedral

For fans of classical music, the State Opera House is a must visit. I’m not a fan, so I didn’t join my friends when they watched the Opera. Watch out for scalpers. You’ll usually bump into them within the vicinity of the Opera House. They’ll say tickets are sold out, or they sell cheaper tickets. Eager tourists often fall victim to these scalpers. Then they’ll be shocked when they find out that some of the scalpers sell the tickets at almost double the actual price. For those who want to watch the Opera but find the tickets too expensive, no worries. They show it on the huge TV screen mounted outside. Crowds gather here to watch whenever there’s a show.

The State Opera House

We visited the Belvedere Palace the next day. It’s an ideal place to take a morning stroll, and walking around the adjacent garden was very relaxing.

Some people describe Vienna as a work of art, and i have to agree. It’s quite a pricey destination, but anyone who can appreciate the beauty of art would be mesmerized with everything that this city offers.




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